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  Wall Of Voodoo

   Lost Weekend: The Best Of Wall Of Voodoo

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Lost Weekend: The Best Of Wall Of Voodoo

This is the first complete CD overview of Wall Of Voodoo, the popular Los Angeles art rock/alternative band whose musical legacy extends far beyond their '80s heyday. The release is the first anthology to showcase both incarnations of the group, featuring both the original 'classic' line-up helmed by band founder/singer- songwriter Stan Ridgway (1977-1983), as well as the revamped '2.0' edition fronted by songwriter-pianist Andy Prieboy (1983-1988).


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1. Red Light
2. Back In Flesh
3. Tsetse Fly
4. Crack The Bell
5. Lost Weekend
6. Factory
7. Mexican Radio (Single Version)
8. On Interstate 15
9. Call Of The West
10. Far Side Of Crazy
11. Big City
12. Dark As A Dungeon
13. Do It Again
14. Country Of Man
15. Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac
16. The Heart Can Never Tell (Live)
17. Ring Of Fire (Live)