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   Would It Kill You?

Would It Kill You?

Hellogoodbye return with Would It Kill You, the amazing follow-up to the gold album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!.

HGB are a DIY success story, touring relentlessly and making new music on their own dime to great success. With this new album. Forrest Kline continues to explore the themes of letting go, acceptance, and eventually celebrating the weirdness of life.

'When We First Met' is the first song and video released and HGB is on tour now with 3OH!3


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1. Finding Something To Do
2. Getting Old
3. When We First Met
4. Betrayed By Bones
5. You Sleep Alone
6. When We First Kissed
7. The Thoughts Give Me The Creeps
8. I Never Can Relax
9. Coppertone
10. Would It Kill You?
11. Something Misplaced