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  Hawthorne Heights



Midwesterners offers sixteen memorable tracks that helped pioneer emotional punk rock as we know it with Hawthorne Heights' trademark melodies and hooks.

Guitarist Eron Bucciarelli explains, 'These songs represent what we feel are the best songs we produced during the first phase of our career (over a four-year span) and chart our growth as songwriters, musicians and humans as we travel through life's sometimes tumultuous experiences. On this album you have five songs from our first album, five songs from our second album, four from our third and two b-sides that we thought you should all have in your collection.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: November 9, 2010   on Victory

TAGS: Rock | Alternative | Punk


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1. Life On Standby
2. The Transition
3. Silver Bullet
4. Ohio Is For Lovers
5. Niki FM
6. Saying Sorry
7. This Is Who We Are
8. Dead In The Water
9. Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears
10. Pens and Needles
11. Rescue Me
12. Somewhere In Between
13. Come Back Home
14. Four Becomes One
15. Silver Bullet (Acoustic)
16. Angels With Even Filthier Souls (Elektra Soundtrack)


Berlin, Germany
Hawthorne Heights with Versus You at Magnet Club
Stuttgart, Germany
Hawthorne Heights at Zwölfzehn
Vienna, Austria
Hawthorne Heights at Viper Room
Linz, Germany
Hawthorne Heights at Stadtwerkstatt Linz
Munich, Germany
Hawthorne Heights with Versus You at Backstage
Paris, France
Hawthorne Height and Acoda with Hawthorne Heights at Le Batofar
Hamburg, Germany
Hawthorne Heights at Logo
Utrecht, Netherlands
Hawthorne Heights, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Acoda at Tivoli
Mechelen, Belgium
Hawthorne Heights and Acoda at Club Kamikaze
Nitro, WV, US
Hawthorne Heights at The Next Level Sk8park
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Hawthorne Heights



Hawthorne Heights


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