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  Mike Patton

   The Solitude Of Prime Numbers

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The Solitude Of Prime Numbers

Mike Patton, moved by the Paolo Giordano novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers and having contributed music to the movie of the same name, has created a 16-track release that boasts some of the most contemplative and stirring music of his multi-faceted career, with Patton describing the release as a personal 'sonic departure.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: November 8, 2011   on Ipecac


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2. Twin Primes
3. Identity Matrix
5. Method Of Infinite Descent
7. Contrapositive
11. Cicatrix
13. Abscissa
17. Isolated Primes
19. Radius Of Convergence
23. Separatrix
29. The Snow Angel
31. Apnoea
37. Supersingular Primes
41. Quadratix
43. Calulus Of Finite Differences
47. Zeroth
53. Weight Of Consequences

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