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  Brite Futures

   Dark Past

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Dark Past

Dark Past is first and foremost a party record, a freewheeling funfest that 'should be played really loud, with lots of people around,' according to Luke.

Brimming with brilliant moments - a lovingly stolen Beatles melody on 'Too Young To Kill,' bassist/keyboardist Claire England's turn as a dancefloor-dominating lead vocalist on 'Black Wedding,' lyrics that reference the Kinks and Gossip Girl in the same breath, and the occasional face-melting guitar solo - the album challenges the notion that irresistible pop can only be peddled by solo artists propped up by big-name hit making producers.

'Why can't a band do it?' asks Luke, who also produced the album. 'Our music is pop for people whose intelligence is not fed by the mainstream, but who still love to dance and have fun. We love to see people dance, it's such a pure form of expressing joy. But we're not relying on the same old ideas about 'the club' and 'the DJ.' We're trying to fill a void in pop by having a bit more wit and being a bit more cheeky, but also having more lyrical substance.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: November 1, 2011   on Turnout


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1. Baby Rain
2. Kissed Her Sister
3. Too Young To Kill
4. Jag In The Jungle
5. Best Party
6. Winterlude
7. Tell It To Me
8. Cosmic Horn
9. Test Of Time
10. Black Wedding