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  Jonathan Slocumb

   Live From Chicago (DVD)

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Live From Chicago (DVD)

Jonathan Slocumb takes you on a hilarious trip per his unique brand of 'Cuss-Free-Comedy' that is sure to have everyone in stitches with skit after skit that is appropriate for the entire family. From the gut busting 'You Need A Tick Tac' to the fall on the floor laugh fest of 'Idaho's Black History Month Musical Tribute,' Slocumb is at his absolute comedic best. The DVD showcases Slocumb's mastery of physical comedy on must see bits like 'A Moonwalk First?' and 'James Brown!'

Comedy For The Entire Family, Rated CF For Cuss Free!

Also available on CD.

TAGS: Comedy | Live | DVD/Blu-Ray



1. Introduction
2. You Need A Tick Tac
3. Jesus Is Real... Plants Is Fake
4. Rev. Otis Moss Got Love
5. Old Choir Members
6. Swole Security
7. White Guy
8. Pres Obama Tribute Part 1
9. Black Names
10. Interpretor
11. Pres Obama Tribute Part 2, All About Michelle!
12. OLDgasms: Getting Old Reality The Moves
13. A Moonwalk First?
14. Mistaken Identity
15. Lyrically Challenged
16. Christmas Carolling'Nem
17. Messin Up Smokie
18. Idaho's Black History Month Musical Tribute
19. Hip Hop Testimony
20. Hip Hooray For 'Back In The Day!' Old School Tribute
21. Smokey Robinson
22. James Brown
23. LA Faker
24. Katt Williams
25. Redd Foxx
26. Celebrity Crazed Praise Sanger
27. HALLElujah
28. Shouts
29. Love To Old Folks

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Jonathan Slocumb

Live From Chicago

(Cuss-Free-Comedy/A. Williams Entertainment)