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  Popa Chubby

   Back To New York City

Back To New York City

On the disc's 11 nasty cuts Popa Chubby has flipped the blues-rock label around, putting rock at the fore and the pedal to the metal with fat, scalding guitar sounds and stories plucked from true life. Some, like the rubber-burning title track and the pleading 'A Love That Will Never Die,' are autobiographical tales that channel what's deep in his blood as well as the fevered pulse of the city Popa Chubby has called home for 30 years.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 25, 2011   on Provogue

TAGS: Blues | Rock


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1. Back To New York City
2. She Loves Everybody But Me
3. Pound of Flesh
4. Warrior God
5. The Future
6. It's About You
7. A Love That Will Not Die
8. Keep Your Wood Pile Dry
9. Stand Before The Sun
10. She Made Me Beg For It
11. Jesus Joy Of Man Desire


Stanhope, NJ, US
Popa Chubby at The Stanhope House
Teaneck, NJ, US
Popa Chubby at Mexicali Live
Washington, DC, US
Popa Chubby with Lisa Lim at Gypsy Sally's
Norfolk, CT, US
Popa Chubby with Dana Fuchs at Infinity Hall
Buffalo, NY, US
Popa Chubby and Joanne Shaw Taylor at Mississippi Street
Auburn Hills, MI, US
Popa Chubby at Callahan's Music Hall
Mannheim, Germany
Popa Chubby with The New Album at Alte Seilerei
Kiel, Germany
Popa Chubby at Räucherei
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