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  Donna Ulisse

   All The Way To Bethlehem

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All The Way To Bethlehem

With movie-like drama and clarity, Donna Ulisse re-tells the story of Christ's conception and birth in her powerful new album, All The Way To Bethlehem. But this is not a conventional Christmas CD. Rather, it occupies the same artistic territory as such Bible-based narratives as Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

In All the Way to Bethlehem, which is primarily set to acoustic instrumentation and written or co-written by Ulisse, we listen in to a drama told through many voices, all of them resounding with wonder - it is a triumphant story, vividly told.


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1. I See The Light Of The World
2. You Will Be Delivered
3. Elisabeth
4. He's Not Mine
5. All The Way To Bethlehem (Duet With Rick Stanley)
6. You Cannot Stay Here
7. Let The World Wait For A Little While
8. He Is Here
9. I'm Gonna Shine
10. We've Come To Worship Him
11. Morning In Bethlehem

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