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  Ryan Leslie

   Les Is More

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Les Is More

Ryan Leslie's third studio album Les Is More was written, arranged, produced and performed by the man himself. This album includes access to seven music videos, two live performance videos and two in-studio videos.

TAGS: R&B | Rap/Hip-Hop


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1. Glory
2. Beautiful Lie
3. Good Girl
4. 5 Minute Freshen Up
5. Dress You To Undress You
6. Maybachs & Diamonds
7. Swiss Francs
8. Ups & Downs (Prelude)
9. Ups & Downs
10. Ready Or Not
11. Lovers & Mountians
12. The Black Flag
13. Joan Of Arc (Bonus Track)
14. Beautiful Lie (Remix) Featuring Fabolous (Bonus Track)