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  Neil Davidge

   Halo 4 Soundtrack

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Halo 4 Soundtrack

Microsoft, 343 Industries, in conjunction with soundtrack partner 7Hz Productions have announced the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack composed and produced by Neil Davidge, producer and co-composer of the last three Massive Attack albums. The OST is available online and in stores as both a standard CD, standard digital, special digital edition. The Halo 4 Original Soundtrack, featuring 15 tracks and over 75 minutes of unique music, marks the first time a new composer has taken the reins for the iconic series' musical score since the launch of the original Halo game more than a decade ago.


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1. Awakening
2. Belly Of The Beast
3. Requiem
4. Legacy
5. Faithless
6. Haven
7. Nemesis
8. Ascendancy
9. Solace
10. To Galaxy
11. Immaterial
12. 117
13. Arrival
14. Revival
15. Green And Blue