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In April of 2010, Secret Stash Records traveled to Lima, Peru to record Afro Peruvian music. With a portable recording studio, an interpreter, and no preplanned engagements or sessions, they hit the streets. Within one week's time they put together a band they called Peña and recorded over 50 tracks. The cast of musicians was a revolving door of sorts.

This self-titled release highlights some of the best recordings from those sessions. In addition to hours of audio recording, they filmed the entire adventure in HD. This CD/DVD packaged in a wooden box contains interviews, live performances, session footage and more.


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1. El Carmen
2. El Mayoral
3. Mi Corazón Roto
4. Quizas Un Dia Asi
5. Cuando Llora Mi Guitarra
6. Todos Vuelven
7. Chincha
8. Alma Corazon Y Vida
9. Barranco Lando
10. Baile de los
11. Huaquero Viejos
12. Tarumbero
13. Jose Maria
14. San Miguel De Piura
15. Romance del Perú
16. Puente De Los Suspiros
17. Vals de la Costa