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  A Bad Think

   Sara Lee

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Sara Lee

Michael Marquart has been making his living as a musician and producer all his life. The talented drummer, guitarist, keyboard player, singer and producer has played with A Flock of Seagulls and the Canadian supergroup Alias, but it's the music he makes with his studio project, A Bad Think, that's closest to his heart.

Sara Lee, A Bad Think's third outing, is an expansive musical tapestry. The album's chiming guitars, rich, brooding bass lines, ghostly flutes and inventive percussion occupy a vast sonic and emotional space that pulls listeners into the unstable emotional world Marquart explores with these songs.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 19, 2010   on Windmark


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1. I'll Wait Forever
2. Overstay
3. The Love Song
4. I Want To Know
5. It's All We Have To Share
6. Gives You Change
7. In A Little While
8. Instrumental
9. Leave Your Side