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  Iced Earth


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Iced Earth's 10th studio offering, Dystopia, while not a concept album, founder Jon Schaffer admits there are unifying themes to several of the songs - and even an appearance by band mascot 'Set Abominae.' In much the same way Horror Show (the band's tribute to classic characters from literature and movies) was born, band leader John Schaffer said his interest in dystopian themes in music and movies led him to try his hand at that genre as well. The end result is Iced Earth meets the nightmarish offspring of Brave New World and Blade Runner.

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. Dystopia
2. Anthem
3. Boiling Point
4. Anguish Of Youth
5. V
6. Dark City
7. Equilibrium
8. Days Of Rage
9. End Of Innocence
10. Tragedy & Triumph
11. Soylent Green
12. Iron Will
13. Anthem (string mix)
* The 'Deluxe Edition' also features a die-cut album art sticker and a fold-out art poster (both exclusive)

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