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  John The Conqueror

   John The Conqueror

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John The Conqueror

John The Conqueror's self-titled debut album is an amalgamation of the many sounds and styles (old and new) mined from both the North and the South.

Cousins Pierre Moore (who learned to play guitar in his early teens from a homeless man who slept in the back room of an auto repair shop) and Michael Gardner (drums) are natives of Jackson, MS, while bassist Ryan Lynn hails from Philly - where the trio now calls home. Together they mix a bedrock of raw deep blues with funk, soul, punk and scuzzed-up rock-n-roll into one helluva potent musical Molotov cocktail.

TAGS: Rock | Garage | Blues | Americana


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1. I Just Wanna
2. Southern Boy
3. Lucille
4. All Alone
5. Time To Go
6. Say What You Want
7. Come Home With Me
8. Letter Of Intervention
9. Passing Time
10. 3 More