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  The HAARP Machine


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The UK's newest progressive extreme metal juggernaut has created a buzz within the metal world upon announcing their signing to Sumerian Records. However, most people don't realize how forward-thinking this band is and how attuned they are to the socioeconomic issues that plague today's society. Their message and music is truly the definitive of progressive metal.

Al Mu'min (guitars) states: 'Our debut album is an amalgamation of many influences across the spectrum and lyrically addresses many of the socioeconomic and political issues in our society today. We hope it will open doors for listeners and broaden their musical horizons as well as spark an interest in areas that dictate our lives...'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 16, 2012   on Sumerian


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1. Esoteric Agenda
2. Lower The Populace
3. Pleiadian Keys
4. From Vanity To Utility
5. Disclosure
6. The Escapist Notion
7. Extension To One
8. Machine Over