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  Widespread Panic


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Widespread Panic's Wood, double live CD, feature selections from the band's first-ever fully acoustic 2012 Wood Tour. A special limited edition 3 LP Wood boxed set is also available.

Wood features new arrangements of Panic originals, including 'Tall Boy,' 'Ain't Life Grand' and 'Climb To Safety.' Covers of fan favorites, such as Jimmy Cliff's 'Many Rivers To Cross' and Sonny Boy Williamson's 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.' Wood also features first time renditions of John Lennon's 'The Ballad of John and Yoko' and former Animal, Alan Price's 'Sell Sell' from the legendary British film O' Lucky Man.


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1. The Ballad John And Yoko (1/25/2012 Washington, DC)
2. Mercy (1/25/2012 Washington, DC)
3. Imitation Leather Shoes (1/25/2012 Washington, DC)
4. Clinic Cynic (1/24/2012 Washington, DC)
5. Tall Boy (2/11/2012 Denver, CO)
6. Many Rivers To Cross (2/12/2012 Denver, CO)
7. Good Morning Little School Girl (2/10/2012 Denver, CO)
8. Pickin' Up The Pieces (2/10/2012 Denver, CO)
9. Ain't Life Grand (2/12/2012 Denver, CO)
1. St. Louis (2/18/2012 Aspen, CO)
2. Time Waits (2/19/2012 Aspen, CO)
3. Sell Sell (2/19/2012 Aspen, CO)
4. Tail Dragger (2/19/2012 Aspen, CO)
5. Tickle The Truth (1/25/2012 Washington, DC)
6. Fixin' To Die [With Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals] (1/27/2012 Atlanta, GA)
7. Climb To Safety (1/25/2012 Washington, DC)
8. Counting Train Cars (1/29/2012 Atlanta, GA)
9. C Brown (1/29/2012 Atlanta, GA)
10. Blight (1/29/2012 Atlanta, GA)
11. End Of The Show (1/29/2012 Atlanta, GA)


Broomfield, CO, US
Widespread Panic at 1stBANK Center
Broomfield, CO, US
Widespread Panic at 1stBANK Center
Broomfield, CO, US
Widespread Panic at 1stBANK Center
Charlotte, NC, US
Widespread Panic at The Fillmore
Charlotte, NC, US
Widespread Panic at Time Warner Cable Arena
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