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   Clinic For Dolls

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Clinic For Dolls

The dynamic four-piece centered around Polish guitar maestro Maurycy 'Mauser' Stefanowicz (ex-Vader, Dies Irae, Christ Agony) decided that something incorporating day and night, light and darkness would suit Unsun best. Their music is melancholic and a little dark at times, yet catchy; something that would put a name to the bittersweet twist of Annelyse 'Aya' Stefanowicz's highly melodic vocals topping the driving force of the underlying guitar riffs. This unique mix easily made Unsun's debut album The End Of Life one of the most promising releases of 2008. The same enthusiasm will certainly help boost the excitement for the new album, Clinic For Dolls.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 12, 2010   on Armoury

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. The Lost Way
2. Clinic For Dolls
3. Time
4. Mockers
5. Not Enough
6. The Last Tear
7. Home
8. I Ceased
9. A Single Touch
10. Why