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  Masters Of Reality

   Pine / Cross Dover

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Pine / Cross Dover

Pine/Cross Dover is the first studio album in eight years divided into two sections: the Cross Dover songs are the more experimental, more 2009 products of Chris Goss, the studio wizard who has worked with the likes of UNKLE. The Pine songs are more straight-ahead rock'n'roll. Every song has its own atmosphere and sound, but due to the characteristic timbre of Goss and his typical way of songwriting, it's still undeniable Masters Of Reality: from trippy alienating pop-rock, to instrumental jazzrock, to the epic 12-minute jam rock that closes out the album.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 12, 2010   on Mascot


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1. King Richard TLH
2. Absinthe Jim and Me
3. Worm in the Silk
4. Always
5. Johnny's Dream
6. Up In It
7. Dreamtime Stomp
8. Rosie's Presence
9. The Whore of New Orleans
10. Testify to Love
11. Alfalfa