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  Kelley Stoltz

   To Dreamers

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To Dreamers

Kelley Stoltz, now a veritable godfather to the burgeoning San Francisco under/over-ground, has blazed a path since the late '90s as a home-recording guru and multi-instrumentalist. And, while Stoltz's nigh-religious reverence for all things Beatles, Beach Boys and Kinks has been at the fore on recent albums, To Dreamers blends more post-punk abandon into its layered everyman pop, maintaining the kaleidoscopic core of sounds heard on previous records, while exploring new sonic terrains. See where you go with To Dreamers - an album of tunes oddly familiar and yet surprising, like a dream itself.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 12, 2010   on Sub Pop


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1. Rock & Roll with Me
2. Pinecone
3. Keeping the Flame
4. Fire Escape
5. I Remember, You Were Wild
6. Ventriloquist
7. Baby I Got News for You
8. Little Girl
9. I Don't Get That
10. I Like, I Like
11. August
12. Love Let Me in Again
13. Bottle Up