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  Elizabeth Mis


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Just 21 years old, this young lady has embraced a genre that has predominantly catered to adults and is seeking to bring her youthful angst and energy to an art form that has grown comfortable and complacent in recent years. From the opening strain of the record you will soon realize that it's not business as usual as you find music infused with club beats, relevant electronic textures and strong pop sensibilities. This is catchy pop instrumental fare at its best. With a strong assist from label mate and hit maker to the stars Darren Rahn, you have no choice but to surrender to the hooks and melodies throughout Breakaway.


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1. Breakaway
2. Flyin' High
3. It's Uh Girls World
4. Into The AtMISphere
5. Buggin'
6. Slow Burn
7. Not Too Late
8. Mis Behavin'
9. Sax Appeal
10. When I'm With You