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  The Calm Blue Sea

   Arrivals & Departures

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Arrivals & Departures

The Calm Blue Sea's lushly textured sound is a study in contrast. The Austin, Texas band's music, like its oceanic name, is at once beautiful and violent, transcendent and triumphant. With songs structured by minutes rather than measures, the foursome marries post-rock fugues with classically-inspired arrangements, the aggression and heaviness of metal, the artiness of indie rock and the widescreen expanse of a film score. The end result is stunning.


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1. Arrivals & Departures
2. Samsara
3. We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Tonight
4. Pont Des Mouton
5. Diaspora
6. Mary Ann Nichols
7. Tesoro
8. To Approach The Vivian Girls