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  Ronnie Fauss

   I Am The Man You Know I'm Not

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I Am The Man You Know I'm Not

Ronnie Fauss grew up in the brutal Texas heat where 95 degrees often constitutes a nice night, and where a man may seek relief through the nearest watering hole or under the chords of a freshly-tuned guitar. Possessing a unique voice in the alt-country vein seamlessly stretching towards moments of Americana and Folk, Fauss is both optimist and realist, chasing his dream girl down a long dirt road and lamenting the struggles of his friends and neighbors, which serve as a microcosm for the country at large.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 9, 2012   on Normaltown


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1. The Night Before The War
2. I Don't See You
3. This Year
4. Good Enough
5. I Can't Remember (What You Can't Forget)
6. Sin City
7. A Pretty Nice Night For Houston
8. Answers You Already Know
9. Pistols In The Air
10. The Last
11. With Love

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