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  Hidden Orchestra



Archipelago is the second album from Hidden Orchestra following the release of their 10,000 selling debut, Night Walks. Their intricate yet viscerally emotive and energetic sound has won them critical acclaim and a diverse fan base, from bass and hip hop heads to jazz and classical aficionados to rock fans.

The core quartet of Hidden Orchestra is formed around the dueling drum kits, percussion and electronic pads of two drummers, Tim Lane and Jamie Graham, completed by Poppy Ackroyd's distinctive, multi-faceted violin and piano playing and Joe Acheson's bass and original samples.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 9, 2012   on Tru Thoughts


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1. Overture
2. Spoken
3. Flight
4. Vorka
5. Hushed
6. Reminder
7. Seven Hunters
8. Fourth Wall
9. Disquiet
10. Vainamoinen


Wiesbaden, Germany
Hidden Orchestra at Schlachthof
Dortmund, Germany
Hidden Orchestra at FZW
Opwijk, Belgium
Hidden Orchestra with Altertape at Nijdrop
Brighton, UK
The Great Escape 2014
Lewes, UK
Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2014
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