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  German Pascual

   A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

This is vocalist Germán Pascual's (Divinefire / Narnia / Mind's Eye) solo debut. Blistering guitar riffs, gritty melodies, and hooks big enough to catch a whale, this could be the follow up to Narnia's 2009 release Course Of A Generation in it's pure melodic power metal bordering on melodic thrash, following up where the last Narnia album left off.

Featuring performances of other well known musicians Carl-Johan 'CJ' Grimmark (Narnia / Fires Of Babylon / Rob Rock) and bassists Per Schelander (Pain of Salvation / Royal Hunt) and Raphael Dafras (Almah / Seven Horizons).

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 9, 2012   on Nightmare


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1. Seek the Truth
2. The Wrath Of God
3. If The Sky Would Fall
4. Misty Dreams
5. Open Your Eyes
6. I Call For The One
7. Unbroken Wings
8. Come Ease The Pain
9. Fate Of The Blind
10. Canción Con Todos