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  Fistful Of Mercy

   As I Call You Down

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As I Call You Down

Written, produced and recorded in Ben Harper's studio, As I Call You Down is comprised of nine songs complete with soulful harmonies and blues-infused folk guitar seamlessly blended with an indie rock backbone.

As I Call You Down effortlessly crosses through genre defining borders and is sure to please fans of both Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison's previous work, while welcoming new listeners with open arms.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 5, 2010   on Hot Records

TAGS: Rock | Indie Rock


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1. In Vain Or True
2. I Don't Want To Waste Your Time
3. As I Call You Down
4. Father's Son
5. Fistful Of Mercy
6. 30 Bones
7. Restore Me
8. Things Go Round
9. With Whom You Belong