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  Lee DeWyze

   Never There (Digital Single)

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Never There (Digital Single)

WuLi Records is proud to announce the digital release of 'Never There,' another song, from the Lee DeWyze vault at WuLi Records. This single is representative of the quality of the much-anticipated third studio album on WuLi Records. 'Never There' affirms Lee's musical proficiency; furthermore, showcasing the talented musicians that influenced and encouraged Lee during the early development of his style. The personalities, raw talent and edginess of his entire band rings through with fresh and exhilarating sound.

'Never There' was recorded and produced by the same team as the acclaimed Slumberland album, Ryan T. McGuire, and Louis Svitek. McGuire and Svitek also play drums and guitar on this recording. The haunting evocative vocals and scintillating lyrics are embodied with raw emotion. Lee's poetic soul is articulated with memorable refrains, emphatic hooks and vibrant melodies. His vocals are gritty and soulful and (as one of Lee's fans has stated) truly demonstrate Lee's profound skill in defining emotion musically.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: October 4, 2011   on WuLi


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1. Never There

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