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  Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola

   Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead

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Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead

Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead, guitarist Charlie Hunter's new duo recording with drummer Scott Amendola, is an album that's easy to get behind. It is Hunter's first recording of original compositions in three years. It's also, perhaps, his most candid and forthright set of songs ever.

Recorded with Hunter and Amendola playing in the same room simultaneously - an old-school recording method that has been virtually lost in today's cut-and-paste world - the album was written by Hunter while at home, inspired by his touring. 'I love the nooks and crannies of the U.S., and this album is for the people living in these places,' said Hunter.

TAGS: Jazz | Soul | Funk | Jamband | AAJ


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1. Assessing The Assesors, An Assessor's Assessment
2. Rust Belt
3. There Used To Be A Nightclub There
4. The Wizard Pounds The Pavement
5. Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead
6. Ghost Mall
7. Blind Arthur
8. Those Desks Aren't Going To Clean Themselves
9. Dot Dot Dah
10. Economy With Dignity


Sacramento, CA, US
Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola, The Mike Dillon Band, and Charlie Hunter at Harlow's
Philadelphia, PA, US
Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola at Upstairs, World Café Live
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