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  Ray Stinnett

   A Fire Somewhere

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A Fire Somewhere

A hippie-fied, soul-rock, folk-rock, psych-rock gem lost in the vaults for four decades, A Fire Somewhere by Ray Stinnett (best known as a member of '60s outfit Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs) sounds as fresh as the day it was cut, and comes with extensive liner-notes detailing the fascinating life of a little-documented '60s rock voyager.


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1. Salty Haze
2. You Make Me - Feel
3. Silky Path
4. Wheel Of Time
5. Stop
6. Long Rivers Flow
7. America
8. You & I
9. Honey Suckle Song
10. Liberty Train
11. Naturally High
12. Loves In The Answer
13. A Fire Somewhere
14. The Rain