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   Saturday Morning Apocalypse

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Saturday Morning Apocalypse

Powerglove are truly the world's only instrumental power metal band that exclusively plays video game and TV themes.

The band dress in costume as video game characters and on their eOne debut handle such classic tracks as 'X-men,' 'Batman,' 'Transformers,' and just in time for Halloween, 'This is Halloween.'


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1. X-men
2. Gotta Catch Em All
3. The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest
4. This Is Halloween
5. Batman
6. Transformers
7. Inspector Gadget
8. Heffalumps And Woozles (Winnie The Pooh)
9. The Simpsons (Feat. Tony Kakko)
10. The Flintstones
11. Gotta Catch Em All (Feat. Tony Kakko)