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  Grace Griffith


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A Voice That Inspired Eva Cassidy.

When Eva met Grace at a Grace Griffith concert, Eva came as a fan. When Grace met Eva at an Eva concert, Grace 'met the best vocalist I had ever seen.' After Grace introduced Eva's music to her record company, Eva found a posthumous worldwide audience.

Grace, battling advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease, will sing at the opening of the World Parkinson's Congress in Glasgow. Sailing, eleven tracks from seven critically acclaimed Grace albums, like Eva's Songbird, was designed to elevate a relatively unknown artist to her rightful place among her peers.


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1. Wondering Where The Lions Are
2. Shape Of My Heart
3. My Life
4. Bound By The Beauty
5. Ripples In The Rockpools/Kiss Of the Fiddle
6. Carry You
7. Swallow Song
8. The Cuckoo
9. Song Of The Seals
10. Sailing/Ships Are Sailing
11. The Last Leviathan

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