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   Chickenfoot III

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Chickenfoot III

Having established themselves in record time as one of the earth's premier rock bands with their gold-certified 2009 self-titled debut, Chickenfoot is the illustrious, virtuosic supergroup formed by Sammy Hagar, guitar god Joe Satriani, and the renowned rhythm section of bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith.

Chickenfoot III is a superlative, rip roaring rock n' roll disc that simply must be experienced from start to finish. Tough yet full of intricate textures, played by musicians at the top of their game, this is the kind of record that bands both young and old dream of making.

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. Last Temptation
2. Alright Alright
3. Different Devil
4. Up Next
5. Lighten Up
6. Come Closer
7. Three And A Half Letters
8. Big Foot
9. Dubai Blues
10. Something Going