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  William Michael Dillon

   Black Robes And Lawyers

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Black Robes And Lawyers

As an innocent man, songwriter, William Michael Dillon spent nearly 28 years behind the razor wire of Florida's harshest prisons. Framed for murder in 1981 and exonerated through DNA testing in 2008, he now releases a full length CD of original songs that speak to the pain, sorrow, and injustice of a lifetime lost. The wisdom gained from his struggles shines through each verse as he sings of hope, perseverance, and the flame of the human spirit.


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1. Black Robes And Lawyers
2. Chasing A Dream
3. Lost In Time
4. Feel You Breathe
5. Some Wounds Never Heal
6. Love Of A Lifetime
7. Only Freedom Matters
8. The Mission
9. Game Of Life
10. Passing Time
11. Love Lives At Our Doorstep
12. Brand New Start