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  The Chevin


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The Chevin have earned themselves a celebrity admirer during their trip to America: David Letterman himself. Yorkshire four-piece the Chevin were in America to perform 'Champion' on The Late Show alongside the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

After a high-energy, booming vocal performance, the band bowed and thanked the audience. A roar of applause came from the audience and Letterman leapt up in support of the northern quartet. He ran onto the stage to congratulate the band after their live performance of 'Champion'. 'Are you kidding me?' Dave asked. 'Hell, if I had that guy's voice, I'd run for president.'


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1. Champion
2. Drive
3. Blue Eyes
4. Dirty Little Secret
5. Love Is Just A Game
6. Borderland
7. Beautiful World
8. Gospel
9. Colours
10. So Long Summer