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  The Casualties



NYC's the Casualties are the voice of the disenfranchised and disillusioned. Twenty-plus years in, and these street fighters are still angry and keeping the spirit of hardcore-punk alive. Taking their inspiration from early leaders (Discharge, the Exploited, English Dogs, and GBH) and the metal-edged NYC hardcore of yesteryear, the Casualties deliver street-level punk with a new level of aggression on their new album Resistance. Resistance rails vehemently against a dystopic world gone mad; failing world banking systems, the regression of personal rights, and the poisoned-politics of a corporate-bought government among them.

Resistance is the Casualties at their most metallic, most vicious, and most anthemic in years, and proves beyond a doubt that true hardcore-punk is not dead.

TAGS: Rock | Punk | Hardcore


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1. My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.
2. Behind Barbed Wire
3. Resistance
4. Modern Day Slaves
5. Warriors On The Road
6. South East Asian Rebels
7. Morality Police
8. Brick Wall Justice
9. Always Walk Alone
10. Constant Struggle
11. It's Coming Down On You
12. Life On The Line
13. No Hope
14. Corazones Intoxicados
15. Voice Of The Outcast


Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Casualties at Gala Hall
Brno, Czech Republic
The Casualties at Faval
Krakow, Poland
The Casualties at Lizard King
Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
The Casualties at Klub 77
Budapest, Hungary
The Casualties at Dürer Kert
Kapfenberg, Austria
The Casualties at Overdrive Encore Festival
Bolzano, Italy
The Casualties with Poison Festival the Casualties and Poison Festival at Point Egna/neumarkt
Bologna, Italy
The Casualties at Freakout Club
Rennes, France
The Casualties with Breizh Punk at L'Antipode MJC
Roissy-en-Brie, France
The Casualties at Pub Adk
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