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   Planet Earth Attack

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Planet Earth Attack

The dynamic duo is back for the attack with another full length album of cutting edge electronic glitch house dubstep noise that picks up where the debut album left off and shoots straight into the stratosphere.

Fresh off their national tour with industrial legends Ministry, the bionic bunnies of bass have put together a multifaceted album highlighted by the industrial-inspired 'Burn Burn Burn!,' the house influenced 'In Love With The City,' and groundbreaking collaboration in gothstep with Jessica Jean on 'Apocalypse.'

The band continues to build their audience through antic-filled live performances - including recent gigs at Hollywood's Bondage Ball and this year's Sunset Strip Music Festival.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 25, 2012   on Cleopatra


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1. Planet Earth Attack (Featuring William Shatner)
2. Burn Burn Burn!
3. I Got the Key (Featuring Theflame12)
4. Play This World (Featuring FC Stokes)
5. In Love With The City (Featuring Geri X)
6. Night Air (Featuring Lady Starlite)
7. Time Travel
8. Too Close (Featuring Dominique Karan)
9. Electric Flesh
10. Apocalypse (Featuring Jessica Jean)
11. 50 Grades Of Space
12. Comfortably Numb (Featuring Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire)
13. Alien Death Bunny
14. Another Dimension
15. The World Is Ours
16. Pills (Featuring Ella G'Sell)
17. Set This Fire (Burn Burn Burn! Part II)

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