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  Steve Harris

   British Lion

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British Lion

UMe is proud to announce the release of Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris' debut solo/side project album. Entitled British Lion and comprising ten songs that Steve and his collaborators have been working on for the past few years between Iron Maiden tours and releases, it is an album that will surprise and delight music fans the world over.

With a decidedly heavy rock-vibe this roaring debut paints with a full palette of sounds; brooding, melancholic, righteously indignant and exuberantly heavy. With Kevin Shirley at the mixing helm - whose credits include Iron Maiden as well as Led Zeppelin, Journey and Rush, among many others - this is an album to sink your teeth into.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 25, 2012   on UMe


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1. This Is My God
2. Lost Worlds
3. Karma Killer
4. Us Against The World
5. The Chosen Ones
6. A World Without Heaven
7. Judas
8. Eyes Of The Young
9. These Are The Hands
10. The Lesson