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  Before The Dawn

   Rise Of The Phoenix

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Rise Of The Phoenix

Tuomas Saukkonen has delivered music and production with Juho Räihä in the studio since the Deadlight album. With new members Pyry Hanski on bass and Joonas Kauppinen on drums joining the band, Before The Dawn returned in November of 2011 to the studio to record Rise Of The Phoenix.

The album, which was released in Europe earlier in the year, delivers melodic death metal with gothic influences, the latter of which will always be part of the band's history.


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1. Exordium
2. Pitch Black Universe
3. Phoenix Rising
4. Cross To Bear
5. Throne Of Ice
6. Perfect Storm
7. Fallen World
8. Eclipse
9. Closure
10. Unbreakable (2012 Version)
11. Deliverance
12. Reflection (Demo 1998)


Edinburgh, UK
Before the Dawn at Voodoo Rooms
Edinburgh, UK
Before the Dawn at Voodoo Rooms
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