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  Maximum Balloon

   Maximum Balloon

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Maximum Balloon

Maximum Balloon is the self-titled debut solo album of TV on the Radio guitarist-producer Dave Sitek, aka Maximum Balloon. Sitek is also known for his production work with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Scarlett Johansson. Pop songs essentially, the tracks on Maximum Balloon are thick, noisy and wholly funky - everything you'd expect, but with more glam - and bolstered by a star-studded array of guest vocalists including David Byrne, Karen O, Little Dragon, Theophilus London, and Sitek's TVOTR bandmates.

Sitek told SPIN he 'let enjoyment be the guiding principle,' which may explain the album's consistency despite the presence of a different singer on each track. That focus could also have something to do with the fact that under Sitek's tutelage, each singer sounds a little like TVOTR's Tunde Adebimpe. Of course, that could be our imagination too.



1. Groove Me (Feat. Theophilus London)
2. Young Love (Feat. Katrina Ford)
3. Absence Of Light (Feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
4. If You Return (Feat. Little Dragon)
5. Shakedown (Feat. Kyp Malone)
6. Communion (Feat. Karen O)
7. Tiger (Feat. Aku)
8. The Lesson (Feat. Holly Miranda)
9. Apartment Wrestling (Feat. David Byrne)
10. Pink Bricks (Feat. Ambrosia Parsley)