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  Bright Little Field

   Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements

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Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements

The Replacements are rock 'n' roll legends. Paul Westerberg's songs have stood the test of time. To prove that point, Nashville's Bright Little Field have taken on some of the best Mats repertoire and given it the full on raging ukulele treatment. Includes great new takes on 'Can't Hardly Wait,' 'Achin To Be,' and 'I Will Dare' that will have fans falling in love all over again. Their version of 'We're Comin' Out' (which appeared in the finale of last season's Nurse Jackie) is truly amazing.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 18, 2012   on Bar-None


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1. We're Comin' Out
2. Androgynous
3. I Will Dare
4. If Only You Were Lonely
5. I'll Be You
6. Treatment Bound
7. Little Mascara
8. Swingin Party
9. Kiss Me On The Bus
10. Skyway
11. Achin' To Be
12. Can't Hardly Wait