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  Becoming The Archetype

   I Am

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I Am

Becoming The Archetype's fifth full-length I Am is baffling first and foremost because it's not meant to be baffling. As guitarist, mastermind and band nucleus Seth Hecox explains, the album is less about reinventing heavy music than it is reinventing Becoming The Archetype. That's not to say listeners won't find the band doing its usual mind-warping and genre-bending, but the point of this album wasn't to transcend the art form of metal music, it was to master it. I Am, as the title suggests, is also a statement of an album that puts a new stamp on who Becoming The Archetype is and what it stands for.


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1. The Ocean Walker
2. The Time Bender
3. The Eyes Of The Storm
4. The Sky Bearer
5. The Machine Killer
6. The War Ender
7. The Weapon Breaker
8. The Planet Maker
9. The Sun Eater
10. I AM

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