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  Bad Powers

   Bad Powers

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Bad Powers

Bad Powers is comprised of former Made Out Of Babies members Matthew Egan, Brendan Tobin & Eric Cooper, in collaboration with new singer Megan Tweed of Seattle band The Family Curse. Their debut album has already caught the attention of SPIN, AltSounds, Plug In Music, and The Examiner. With their strengths combined, Bad Powers' self-titled debut is not to be missed.

'With a sound more lithe and spindly than the bludgeoning Babies, the feel is like the lean, athletic sound of Faith No More making the switch over from Angel Dust to King For a Day...' - SPIN

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 18, 2012   on The End

TAGS: Rock | Alternative


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1. New Bruises
2. Hit Sniffing Dog
3. Eves And Eyes
4. Black Alf
5. Millennium
6. Blueberry
7. Chineseish
8. Electricity Should Be Free
9. Bigger Than We Are
10. Bread And Butter