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  Fear And The Nervous System

   Fear And The Nervous System

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Fear And The Nervous System

New supergroup led by James 'Munky' Shaffer (Korn), also including Billy Gould (Faith No More), Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion), Steve Krolikowski (Repeater), Zach Baird (Korn) and Leopold Ross with album art crafted by Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns).

Now a 2CD set deluxe edition, with bonus tracks and an entire second disc of instrumentals of every track on the record.

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal



1. Hell
2. Choking Victim
3. Chosen Ones
4. No Secrets
5. Chinatown
6. Beautiful Side
7. Triggers
8. Dissolve
9. Jaguar
10. Slow Motion
11. Last Dive
12. Ambien
13. The Combine
14. Silvertone
The first 12 tracks on DISC ONE as Instrumental Versions!