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  The Chapin Sisters


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'...delicate and charming, packed with frank lyrics, carefully plucked guitars and stunning three part harmonies.' - New York Times

Abigail, Lily, and co-producers Jesse Lee (Gang Gang Dance) and Louie Stephens (Rooney) retreated to an old family farm in rural New Jersey to record Two. This record incorporates lush keyboards, layered percussion, electric guitars and warm, rich vocal tones, om addition to the staple acoustic guitar and 3 part harmoies the sisters are known for.

On the road with She & Him.


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1. Sweet Light
2. I Can Feel
3. Paradise
4. Digging a Hole
5. Palm Tree
6. Boo Hoo
7. Birds in My Garden
8. Roses in Winter
9. Left All Alone
10. Trouble