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  Shekinah Glory Ministry

   Refreshed By Fire

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Refreshed By Fire

Shekinah Glory Ministry continues to break new ground in worship music with 100 minutes of dynamically varied praise anthems spread out over two CDs. The first CD boils with the pulse-pumping zeal of rockers such as 'Giant Slayer' (featuring Pastor Dan Willis and Phil Tarver) and 'Reclaim Your Mountain.' The second CD opens with the dynamic, mid-tempo rock groove 'The Minstrel of Praise' and showcases the live concert recording's softer moments of praise such as the first radio single, 'Just For Me.' There's an anointed rhythm and flavor here for every worshipper under Noah's rainbow.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 14, 2010   on Kingdom

TAGS: Gospel | Live


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1. Intro
2. Reclaim Your Mountain
3. Raise Up
4. Dance
5. Dance (Reprise)
6. Giant Slayer
7. Living Life
8. Living Life (Reprise)
9. Prophecy
10. The Minstrel's Release
11. Prayer to the Nations
12. The Rivers of God
13. The High Place
14. Ascending Higher/Refiners Fire
15. Ascending Higher/Refiners Fire (Reprise)
16. Trust Me
17. Just For Me