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  El Guincho

   Pop Negro

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Pop Negro

Pablo Díaz-Reixa is a musician for our times. He's a musician for an era when the borders between pop and alternative, between producer-led and band music, and between supposedly mundane and exotic are crumbling to reveal a far more complex landscape ripe for the exploration. And he knows the climate is right for him: 'even when I signed my record deal in 2007, it felt like there were no other Spanish language acts touring, doing the international festivals - but even three years on it has changed a lot. There is so much more openness to different sounds, to non-English lyrics, it's an exciting time.'

TAGS: Latin | Rock | Alternative


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1. Bombay
2. Novias
3. Ghetto Facil
4. Soca Del Eclipse
5. Lycra Mistral
6. FM Tan Sexy
7. Muerte Midi
8. (Chica-Oh) Drims
9. Danza Invinto