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  The Bloody Hollies

   Yours Until The Bitter End

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Yours Until The Bitter End

What is most impressive about the Bloody Hollies is the diversity of their strengths, ranging from 70's classic rock, Americana blues, to an even power-pop songwriting style. Yours Until the Bitter End is a work that reflects a lengthy career that fully embraces the band's vast influences while at the same time maintaining their unique sound of explosive, over-driven mayhem balanced with intelligently thought-out songwriting.

TAGS: Rock | Garage | Punk | Alternative


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1. So Grey, So Green
2. Dead Letter
3. Dirty Sex
4. Goodnight, Sleep Tight
5. I Dream Of Bees
6. Dressed To Kill
7. Leave That Woman Alone
8. Sticks And Stones
9. You're So Cold
10. John Wayne Brown