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  Turbo Fruits



Recorded in eight days in Austin, Texas with Spoon's Jim Eno at his Public Hi-Fi studio, Butter is the follow up to Turbo Fruits' 2009 Fat Possum album Echo Kid and the 2007 Ecstatic Peace debut. It's a spastic, slab of fun-filled fury, a double-live-gonzo Athena busting out of the Flaming Groovies' Teenage Head, thrashing its way through punk, surf, and power-pop and leaving a wake of blown minds and melted faces. Y'know, like a rock record is supposed to do.

TAGS: Rock | Alternative | Garage


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1. Where The Stars Don't Shine
2. Gamble Tamble
3. Don't Like To Fight
4. Harley Dollar Bill$
5. Sweet Thang
6. 10 Years
7. Catch & Release
8. Colt 45
9. Gotta Get Along
10. She Said Hello
11. Ain't The Only One Havin' Fun