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  Rush Wun

   Jack Of All Trades

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Jack Of All Trades

Rush Wun started off as a battle MC and club/rave DJ. Later on taking his rap skills to form the group called Ballerz Ink. After parting ways with his partner, Rush went on to recording mixing and mastering. He brings forth in his album club and radio anthems with a little bit of R&B and smooth rap style. The album comes from the love of music with a mixture of techno, trance, house, rap, and R&B - You're sure not to skip a single track. Rush Wun - the jack of all tradez - has teamed up with Redneck Soldier to take over the world one city at a time. Get ready for hit song after hit song

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 11, 2012   on Thump


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1. Be The One (Featuring Kalifornia Kid)
2. Just Don't Care (Featuring S.James)
3. Lookin So Fly (Featuring Mr. Patron)
4. My Private Dancer
5. Rain Come Down
6. Blow My Mind
7. Be Mine
8. Under The Lights
9. Going Down
10. Heaven
11. My Party People