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   New Era

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New Era

Cloudscape is a melodic power metal band with progressive touches from southern Sweden. Fans of both progressive metal, such as Evergrey, Symphony X, Dream Theater, and Pagan's Mind, and old-school rock, like Aerosmith, Scorpions, and Journey, are sure to find something enjoyable about all Cloudscape releases. Cloudscape's compositional ambitions have always bridged progressive metal and straightforward melodic rock/metal, creating music accessible to a wider audience by virtue of its intense melody, but with enough complexity to satiate the ears of casual and serious music enthusiasts. All involved anticipate a new era, during which this monster attracts the attention of fans and critics alike, with bated breath.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 11, 2012   on Nightmare


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1. Silver Ending
2. Share Your Energy
3. Kingdom Of Sand
4. Pull The Brake
5. Seen It All Before
6. Your Desire
7. Voyager 9
8. Simplicity
9. Before Your Eyes
10. Violet Eve
11. Into The Unknown
12. Heroes