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  Kix Brooks

   New To This Town

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New To This Town

Kix Brooks is proud to release his solo debut album, New To This Town. The 12-song collection, with nine co-written by Kix, was produced by Kix. 'I made an album that really is close to my heart, and it's a whole lot of fun,' shares Kix. 'For the most part, the music's's kind of fun and games and hangin' it out there and thinkin' about gettin' back in those clubs and festivals and gettin' to play again. It's like, you know, people come to enjoy themselves, and I think this album in a lot of ways is about that.'

TAGS: Country


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1. New To This Town (Featuring Joe Walsh)
2. Moonshine Road
3. Bring It On Home
4. There's The Sun
5. Complete 360
6. My Baby
7. Tattoo
8. In The Right Place
9. Next To That Woman
10. Let's Do This Thing
11. Closin' Time At Home
12. She Knew I Was A Cowboy